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Why Us


It may happen slowly over time or all at once with a single incident. But there often comes a moment for many family caregivers when they realize that they need a helping hand from professionals who specialize in senior care. That’s when you can turn to us. We’re ready to help alleviate the stress that’s often experienced by both seniors and their families.

Compassion. A core value we hold dear, compassion runs through all we do at Vista Elderly Care. From a smiling face at a morning meal to assistance with daily tasks and help with health issues, you’ll always find compassionate care.

Empathy. Connecting with the feelings of others on a personal level is fundamental to good caregiving. Our staff treats residents the way they wish to be treated themselves, forging relationships that transcend the dynamic of caregivers and receivers.

Kindness. From the moment you enter Vista Elderly Care, you can feel the welcoming warmth and commitment to kind-hearted care from of our skilled team, devoted to creating positive relationships with our residents.

Community. We consider all under our roof to be part of our extended family, and so all should be treated like family members. This sense of family goes from the attitudes of our highly trained staff to our homelike setting that offers more comfort than cold and impersonal senior-care facilities.

Experience. Our skilled and detail-oriented caregivers excel at providing individualized attention designed to meet each of our resident’s specific needs. And with a high staff-to-resident ratio there’s always an experienced caregiver close at hand.

Patience. This is an important factor that can sometimes be overlooked with the hectic pace of modern life. We understand that meeting our residents’ needs takes time and understanding.

Respect. Dignity is important at all stages of life. But it is crucial during a time in a senior’s life when they are in need of some assistance.